• Ticket holders agree to rules of One Love Festival and to be taken out of the festival area in any case of violation of these rules.
  • There is a 18 age limit in the festival. Participants born on and after the year 1999 will not be allowed into the festival area, even with the guidance of an adult.
  • Festival will occur in any weather condition. No ticket refund will be made due to weather conditions.
  • Festival ticket, bracelet and personal ID should be carried at all time.
  • Festival holds the right of not allowing entrance of person not suitable to the festival.
  • Festival security will be checking bags and packages in the entrance, also possesing the right of denying entrance of unallowed items.
  • Participants agree to have their photos and videos taken, and used for marketing purposes afterwards.
  • No unrelated marketing flyers and etc. is allowed to be distributed in and near the festival area.
  • One Love Festival Management is not responsible of any damage that would occur in the festival area.
  • All participants agree to this festival rules. In case of not following these rules, the participant won’t be allowed in the area.
Food and beverage bought from outside the festival area  
Diabetic food without prescription  
Perfume and deoderant bottles larger than 50 mL.  
Any item to be considered dangerous by the security (umbrella, tripod, etc.)  
Inflammable and fulminant objects  
Dangerous, sharp and cutter objects (stick, chain, knive, etc.)  
Lighting a fire  
Any pet except guide-dog  
Drone cameras  
Objects like chaise longue, large umbrellas etc. which would disturb other participants.  
Pocket camera  
Towels, straws  
Sun lotion, cosmetic products and roll-on deoderant/td>  
Bags and backpacks  
Selfie sticks