The Black Madonna

King Stage
DJ and producer Marea Stamper has been continuing to amass her followers with her sold-out street party "We Still Believe" in London, all-night-long shows in Europe, and hosting stages at numerous festivals around the globe. Her unique energy and ability to connect with the room continue to cement her reputation as one of the most sought after DJs in the world. Stamper is known for her dynamic sets for Dekmantel, Sonar, Boiler Room and Mixmag, which span from disco to techno. She was named Mixmag’s DJ Of The Year in 2016. Unafraid to vocalize her political and social views, The Black Madonna supports marginalized voices represented in the electronic music scene and helps diversifying the community. In 2018, "Grand Theft Auto" introduced a nightclub, featuring residencies from The Black Madonna, Dixon, Tale of Us, and Solomon.
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